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CAMP LAUREL…Summer 2012

Now that our campers have all returned home and they transition back from being cabinmates, College Days leaders, Quest and Rainbow Games-warriors into neighbors, students, and classmates you may notice they seem just a little different. Sharing a communal living space at Laurel instills a sense of responsibility to those around them and empathy for those friends and counselors living and learning with them everyday. Our team sports build a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship that teach our campers what the game is really about – the unity of the team will always be more important than any single win. Many campers perform on stage, whether in a musical or at an evening program, for the very first time and are empowered with a sense of bravery and accomplishment at having the courage to do so and the knowledge of a new skill learned.
At camp, children have the freedom to choose their friends and what they like to eat and even some of the things they love to do…and they do it with great success. They come home with a new found sense of independence and confidence. While it’s always a little bittersweet to watch your children grow up quickly, we are grateful to be a part of their growing process and we, too, love seeing how much they flourish and mature each summer at Camp Laurel.
This was a fantastic summer for all of us, we hope you’re enjoying hearing all of your campers’ stories, and we cannot wait to do it all again next year!

A Spectacular Summer….Comes to a Close

Last night was our traditional Final Ceremony. Campers from every campus gave speeches reminiscing about their favorite parts of camp, what Laurel means to them, the bonds they’ve made, how Laurel has changed their lives, and moved an audience of 800 to tears. The Fieldhouse was transformed into a glowing forest where we shared one final night of friendship that we’ll never forget! This morning was a whirlwind of hugs, tears, hot chocolate, bus notes, and our favorite S-day breakfast foods – an awesome send-off to hold us over for the next ten months. When we look back on the past seven weeks, it’s crazy how much we packed in!! Tennis, Quest, Waterskiing, Gold Rush, ChefCamp, Rainbow Games, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer, Funtown, Trash Bag Prom, Ceramics, Metals, and Craft, Laurelstock, Honey Badger Training, Around the World, Ropes, Climbing and Mountain Biking, Extended Trips, Amazing Race, College Days, Laurel Idol, Ultimate Dance Off, Campfires, Group Sing, Sports Nights, Intercamps, the musicals and dance shows, and so much more! Thank you all for the memories, Laurel 2012 was a blast! WE WILL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH, WE CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER 2013!!!!!!!!

College Days Concludes in Full Glory!

College Days came to a fantastic conclusion after both teams were neck-and-neck for the ENTIRE four days! In the end, Auburn was victorious; however both teams displayed tons of sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and spirit throughout the whole competition. Today was the final round of Laurel Idol and all six contestants were AMAZING!! Gaby, Eder, Logan, Jonathan, Alexa, and Greg prepared their songs for weeks, sang their hearts out, and the crowd went wild!! While they are all winners at Laurel (and in the judges hearts), the votes were counted and Alexa is the 2012 Laurel Idol. Congrats! Tonight is the camp fav, Reprise, were we re-live memories of the summer through performances and the Highlights video! It’s so bittersweet – we love this night, but we know it means the end is so near! We’ll it’s a Rec Day now – Basketball, Tennis, finish a Ceramics project, and tons of other options…what to pick!? Time to pack in the fun while we can!

It’s August…

Every August, days grow shorter. And it’s not just hours of daylight. The time between now and the end of camp gets compressed too. Each night, the end of a magical summer draws closer.

Finally, we all go home. It’s a bittersweet time for everyone. Packing seems so final.

But not everything a camper brings home fits in a duffel. Certain things are impossible to stow.

Independence. Your child may have been gone for a month or two….but he or she comes home more than several weeks “older.” Away from parents, siblings, familiar teachers and hometown friends, campers gain a sense of independence that serves as an important springboard for the coming year.

Skills and confidence. Kayaking. Acting. Tent-putting-up. Lacrosse. Stand-up Paddleboarding. Your child returns home with a bag full of new tricks. She may not kayak again until next summer, and he might not try out for the school play. But every September, campers know they can do things they never thought possible way back in June.

Friendships. It can be strange hearing stories about youngsters you don’t know well. Suddenly your child talks about other towns, schools and states. Your cell bill may include calls all over the country. Camp is a great way to make new friends. And those friendships are far deeper and real than anything on Facebook.

Relationships. More than friendships, campers develop real relationships. Living together 24/7, they develop bonds – and not just with peers. Campers live with and learn from young adults, and older directors. The unhurried pace of camp life nurtures many strong relationships.

Strong bodies and a healthy glow. Sure, kids wear hats and sunscreen. But nothing beats summer days, spent in the water and out of doors.

Memories. You can’t stow memories in luggage. You can’t ship them home. But they belong to every camper, and they’ll never be lost.

College Days!!

After being faked out twice, College Days broke on the Upper Fields with an incredible performance of medieval jousting! The Super Seniors then took over and helped split the camp into our two teams; University of Alabama and Auburn University! The athletic prowess, sportsmanship, creativity, and sheer enthusiasm that has taken over Laurel is unbelievable! Every camper has the chance to add to the team dynamic through tennis matches, dance championships, soccer, music trivia, kickball, basketball, track meet, swim meet, Simon Says, plaque making, tug ‘o war, and so much more! What an awesome four days that our campers will be talking about for weeks and months to come! Well it’s time zip-it-up, tonight is a College Days favorite: Silent Dinner! (All campers from both teams are challenged to remain completely silent while staff members put on crazy costumes and try their best to make them laugh!)

Awesome Readfield Days…

Last night we were treated to the Acadia and Apache musical, GLEE, and it was AMAZING! The kids were fantastic! and sang their hearts out. We loved it!! Today, we are having one of those perfect Maine days in Readfield. Acadia took full advantage by going blueberry picking, recording songs at Rockport, and creating a time capsule full of memories to be opened their Super Senior summer! Apache had a ping pong and pop-a-shot tournament, Sequoia went bumper tubing, and Baxter had a “crazy fun” time at their 2012 Celebrity Presidential Elections – the cast of Modern Family will be moving into the Laurel White House! Our four oldest campuses are off to the movies tonight – will it be Batman, Spiderman, or Ice Age?? All awesome options! Well…gotta go drop in on the dress rehearsal of THE JUNGLE BOOK, show-time is tomorrow!

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