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6/29/15: Our First B-Day!

FirstADayWhat a beautiful day in the state of Maine!!  Every program area today was buzzing with activity. From Lacrosse to Basketball, Tennis to Archery, Waterskiing to Riding, ChefCamp to Rockport, Fitness to Gymnastics and Mountain Biking to the Aerial Park — it was awesome!! Campers loved their first B-Day of the summer. The fields and courts were humming. Humming! The waterfront was filled with swimmers, canoeists, waterskiers, wakeboarders, fishermen, and sailors! Legally Blonde rehearsals are underway and the sounds coming from Rockport are incredible. Tonight, campers in Acadia and Apache were paired with their Camp Brothers and Sisters in Bec and Bago, while Sequoia held its annual Hockey League Combine and Baxter made cabin movies. Sleep well parents…we know we will!

6/28/15: Group Day

Patricia-2We awoke to a cloudy and rainy day in Maine…but it didn’t dampen our spirits one bit. It was actually nice that we spent the day together in cabin groups, got to know each other, got to know our Counselors and Campus Leaders and bonded on the second day at our summer home. We had Cabin Photos, Fieldhouse Sports, Indoor Gaga, Dodgeball, Theatre Games, Inter-Art demos and more. We also had open calls for Legally Blonde, our first theatre production of the summer. What’s tonight? After Turkey Taco dinner, it was a night of split evening programs including Gymnastics Extravaganza, Steal The Bagel, Skit In a Bag and Captains Coming. The weather was cloudy – but we had a great day at camp! We’re looking forward to our first A Day of the summer tomorrow!!

Arrival Day!!

ArrivalDayOur campers arrived today from all over the country by plane, motorcoach and car. It was a spectacular Arrival and Opening Day 2015 at Camp Laurel! Friendships were reformed and new friendships were made. Counselors finally got to meet the campers they’ve been hearing about for the last 8 days! It was perfect weather and a perfect way to start our summer together. After tours, games, lots of ping pong and health checks, we had Lewis’ famous homemade Pizza and an outstanding Opening Campfire! We’re so happy our summer family is together once again on the shores of Echo Lake! Jem and Debbie will visit every campus tonight and all Acadia and Apache cabins for tuck-ins…..then it’s off to the races!! Welcome Back!!

P.S. Don’t forget to checkout Laurel Today for a full recap of Arrival Day pictures!!

Three Nights and Counting!

Patricia-7What an incredible week of Orientation so far. It’s been non-stop training, program, activity, cabin-prepping, unpacking, seminars, games, and so much more. Our Head Counselor and Campus Leader Team has been feverishly meeting with all our Cabin Staff, while Program Area Directors and Department Heads have been full force into curriculum and planning. Yesterday was a “Typical Day At Camp ” where our Acadian and Apache Specialists go through…what else…a typical day.  Wake-up, Cove, Meals, Program, Lunch, Intercamps …even Fruit Break. All to get everyone Ready-Set-Go for this Saturday! Sleep well. Three nights and counting!

Staff Orientation Begins!

IMG_3130We’ve just completed our Pre-Season Training Programs and are welcoming the full Camp Laurel Staff today!! You can taste the excitement in the air! Our counselors are coming from near and far anticipating another magical summer on Echo Lake. Prior to today’s Staff Orientation kick-off, our Athletic, Inter-Arts, Waterfront, Tennis, Adventure and Equestrian Department Heads have been busy training and preparing their program areas for Camper Arrival Day – June 27!! Our Head Counselor and Campus Leader Team has been going strong since last Monday and we are set!! Now it’s time to welcome the Counselors at our Opening Staff Campfire and spend the next week getting ready for the best campers anywhere!

Sailing on Echo Lake

sailing9When you think about summer, most of the images that race through your mind probably include two things: sun and water. Whether it’s laying out by the lake or beach, running through the sprinklers, zipping through the waves on a boat or jet ski, or contemplating life’s mysteries while casting a line out to fish, the summer is meant to be spent in the sun and cooling down in the water. This is why so many campers enjoy sailing at camp. Sailing is an exciting water activity that allows campers to work as a team to reach a common goal. It’s also a great way to spend the afternoon, and creates a bond between sailors that can’t be created anywhere else.

Campers who learn to sail aren’t just learning how to maneuver a large vessel through the water — however, that’s a big accomplishment! Everything about sailing is a learning opportunity. Math and science are weaved into the fun and challenging sport of sailing. Sailors learn about the importance of aerodynamics when it comes to the position of the sail. They learn to “read the water” and become confident navigating their way to and from a destination without the help of the GPS on their smartphone. They learn to solve problems quickly, to be observant of their surroundings and find a new appreciation for mother nature. Campers who try sailing leave with useful skills and practical information that will help them for the rest of their lives.

_H8A8716Even if they never have to deal with air pressure or thinking about the curvature of a sail, campers will learn to work as a team, follow directions and appreciate the serenity of being on the lake. Sometimes children and teens have a hard time dealing with quiet moments, or feel anxious when they don’t have something to entertain them at every second. Sailing is good practice for just sitting back and enjoying nature, and is a great way for campers to learn to be comfortable in their own silence. All camp sailing adventures are guided and supervised by certified instructors, so everyone is kept safe while they’re having fun.

The beauty of Echo Lake is a reason all on its own to take up sailing. The view from the sailboat can’t be put into words, and campers often write home how much they love spending their afternoons out on the lake.

Campers have hundreds of opportunities to try new things at camp and learning to sail is another great way to expose them to something they may never try at home. Sailing gives campers a sense of accomplishment that they can succeed at anything they put their mind to.

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