Back as One

detail 117Our Bec and Bago campers returned from their Extended Trips to Boston and Montreal and they had a great time! Except for our Super Seniors who return this Sunday, we’re all back as one Laurel Family. It was an incredible last week — in camp and out of camp — and we are all excited for the program-filled week that lies ahead. The weather has been incredible and everyone is energized for the next two weeks of camp.

We have a lot in store these next two weeks. Coming up, we’ll be immersed in activities far and wide — on the Ballfields, on the Hard-Courts, on Echo Lake, in the Adventure Courses and in all our Art Studios — all over camp. Trips and Intercamps are still in full swing. Rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty are in high gear. Sixth Period Specials abound in every area of camp. And everyone is excited for their groups “movie trip” a time for campers and counselors to chill out, relax, and take a break from the heat.detail 118

Take a look around Laurel — its crazy to think how fast the last five weeks have flown by. But as we like to say in Readfield: The very best is yet to come!

Reignited for the Next Three Weeks

detail 106With Visiting Day behind us, we’re reignited for the next three weeks of camp and they are chock-full of program, activity, specials events and trips. Our Bec and Bago campers have all departed on their Extended Trips and are having a blast. These trips are a great way to break up the summer and give our oldest campers a brief “teen travel experience.” They are always a summer highlight.

In Readfield, the four lower campuses have the “run of the place” and are taking advantage of every part of camp. We have an incredible week planned for them including the 2016 Olympics, VIP Nites, Dinner Parties, Twilight Waterskiing, Skills Clinics and more.

detail 127While there’s only three weeks left of camp – there’s still so much to do. In every department around camp, skills are being honed and projects expanded upon. Cabins are functioning at their highest levels and friendships are abundant everywhere!! We love watching the relaxed and comfortable  interactions between cabinmates who reunited four weeks ago after ten months away – or met for the first time in late June. It is, of course, the essence of what makes camp… camp.

Welcome to Visiting Day 2016!

detail 93We’re so happy to welcome you to our summer home. We’re looking forward to a great day!

The Front Gate opens at 9:30AM.  Please plan to arrive by 9:00 so you can park, check-in and be ready to meet your children. The weather is supposed to be hot and a bit stormy — so please dress appropriately, stay hydrated (we’ll have plenty of water) and bring a small umbrella just in case.

Remember we have two Lunch locations for you: The Main Dining Hall and a smaller BBQ location by the Fieldhouse. Help yourselves to either.

We (and of course your kids) cant wait to see you tomorrow in Readfield!!

Intercamps, Trips, Special Events and More!

detail 71What a week gone by with so much more to look forward to.

We started our Second Rotation of the summer Saturday and we’re off and running. All program areas are in high gear and the skill progression in every facet of camp is evident and noticeable.  From the Tennis Courts to the Lacrosse Fields, the Aerial park to Mountain Biking, and the Fitness Center and Dance Studio to the Soccer Pitch, it’s amazing what we’ve accomplished in just under four weeks.

This week we have more instructional days and some great special events at night. Eric the Amazing Illusionist delighted and dazzled us last night and tonight Laurel Theatre presents High School Musical 2 as performed by our four older campuses. Our older campers have been rehearsing for three weeks in anticipation of tonight’s extravaganza. Thursday is the annual Group Sing and we’re psyched to see who will wear this summer’s crown! Group Sing is always a summer highlight. detail 61

Intercamps and Tournaments are in full swing…campers are loving their overnight excursions all over Maine…and, of course, we’re getting excited for Visiting Weekend coming up this Saturday.

Week 4 on the Horizon

detail 55Camp Laurel is a virtual city in itself. And the cabins are the campers’ summer homes. While Camp  Laurel has great facilities – on the water and on land – it’s the cabins that really make camp a homey, warm and comfortable environment for each camper.

While the Camp Laurel day starts with wake-up at 7:45 AM (or 8:15 AM for older campers) we are “on the move” all day long. The cabin is a special place where each child’s summer family (campers and counselors) comes together to share the day, spend quality time and, of course, sleep. In addition to each child’s cabin, campers are also a member of a “campus.” That’s the area of camp where children live, hang out, play ping pong and pop-a-shot, spend their free time and bond with not just their cabin – but 35-45 campers in their own age group.
detail 17
While the camp day is frenetic, the campus is a great place to relax, unwind, play some cards, tell stories, share a joke and chill.

We’re so pumped for Week 4 coming up. The summer is literally flying by but there’s lots more to come, including the beginning of Second Rotation Activities which start tomorrow. We’re psyched!

All Camp Events

Carnival-1-2While the daily program at Camp Laurel consists of six periods and is highly structured, we’re also a camp which loves spirit, spontaneity and flexibility. Once every five days or so, we take a break from our active program for S Days (Special Days.) S Days are trips days, special events days or tradition days. And at least once a week, we have an all-camp event when, regardless of campus, we come together for a fun, recreational and exciting event that breaks up the camp week and brings the whole Laurel Family together. Often, siblings, cousins, friends and neighbors across campuses join together for a special activity. Yesterday, it was our Carnival.

Carnival best-Sam-5Carnival has been a camp tradition for 40 Camp Laurel years. Our annual Carnival starts at 4:30 in the afternoon and goes until 8:30 at night. We start with a great lakeside cookout (burgers, corn dogs, chicken, salad, pizza, fresh fruit and watermelon) and then we head up to the Blast Bounce Rides.

In addition to the rides, there are booths and games with everything imaginable: Face Painting, Mime, Photo Boots, Fortune Telling, Human Slot Machine, Smack The Rat, Plinko, Marriage Booth, Mini Golf and more. There are dressed up characters  and “carnies,”  And this year, we had a special treat of bronzed, moving statues.

Of course, there’s the ever-famous Fried Dough truck with all kinds of toppings and plenty of water and Powerade to wash it down.

We love Carnival…and we love the fun and games of our weekly S Days.


detail 14We talk about “participation” a lot at Camp Laurel. We offer an incredibly diverse program and one of our camp requirements is that campers participate fully in our active and healthy program. In addition to required swim instruction, tennis instruction and core team sports (baseball/softball, soccer, basketball and lacrosse), campers have an opportunity to select a handful of their other activities.TrevorCurrie-22

This week, while our drone was flying overhead, Laurel was a beehive of action-packed activity and fun. There was basketball, hockey and outdoor fitness. There was equestrian, golf and mountain biking. And, we were even able to peak through the windows of Rockport (our digital recording studio) ChefCamp, radio and ceramics.

Off camp this week we participated in more than 30 different games and tournaments with Androscoggin, Takajo, Winnebago, Matoaka, Caribou, Cobbossee, Vega and Manitou. We traveled throughout Maine on camping trips to our state and national parks. And, campers took a break from the heat and enjoyed the fun of an S Day at Funtown Splashtown, Aquaboggan and Old Port.

While two weeks have already passed, there’s a whole summer still in front of us. And we can’t wait ’til Monday’s annual Camp Laurel Carnival!

In With a Bang….

Week #2 started with a bang – the biggest Fireworks display in all of south central Maine over Echo Lake. Along with Camps Vega and Winnebago, we lit up the night sky with a spectacular display of pageantry and fun! It was an incredible night of fireworks, 3-D glasses and bomb pop ice cream on the shores of Echo Lake.

And with the bang of fireworks came Intercamps and trips, which are in full swing this week. In the athletics world our boys are competing with Manitou, Androscoggin, Caribou, All Star and Winnebago…while our girls are competing with Vega, Matoaka and All Star in the Central Maine Girls Camp League. Meanwhile in adventure we’ve hiked at Bradbury State Park and Three Rocks and in ChefCamp, Chef Isabelle and our campers are creating masterpieces and incredible delicacies every day. We also had our first camper Talent Show last night (to rave reviews from the packed house and crowd) and tomorrow is our first Out of Camp S-Day with trips to Fun Town, Aquaboggin, Boothbay, Old Port and Splashtown. To round off the week we’ll have Sports Night Thursday Night under-the-lights and our all camp Council Fire Friday Night.

We are running full steam ahead – and life is great in 04355!Trevor Currie-58

Hard To Believe

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow we’ll have been at camp for a week already. The time has flown. In that short period, we’ve played, swam, skied, spun, climbed, hiked, sailed and fished. We’ve fully reacquainted with old friends and made new ones. We’ve bonded with Counselors, Campus Leaders and Department Heads. But mostly, we’ve become comfortable in our own space and have settled in for the great ride of camp.
detailWe haven’t had an ounce of rain during the day — it’s been sunny and beautiful for all daytime activities and cooled down a bit at night. It’s now already time to take a minute to slow down. We’ve been hydrating all day and at all meals…fresh fruit at morning Fruit Break…Powerade at Rest Hour…water or milk at Nite Bite — and staying ahead so we can keep our energy up.

In addition to the great daily programming, our special events team has started to sprinkle in the “fun” part of camp as well. Quest, S Days, Talent Shows, Campfires, Sports Nite and so much more.  We’re ready for Week #2!!