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Final Week 2016

detail 2We enter the last three days of camp with emotions running high. We’ve just come off a spectacular five days of College Days. It was an incredible culminating special event of the 2016 season. Our Super Seniors did a superb job leading the camp. The Games, Sports, Contests, Songs, Floats, Plaques were as good as ever. Well done Class of 2016!!

Tonight we “dial it down” a bit and start to decompress from the week gone by. Tomorrow we’ll have a Rec Day with fun activities, tennis ladder games, water afternoon and rehearsal for Reprise…a call-back of the finest 2016 acts and performances. We’ll also see a highlights film of the summer produced by our talented Digital Media Department. It will be a great day.

detailThursday we begin to pack, reminisce, spend time with friends and counselors, and get ready for the Final Ceremony…a 67 year old Laurel tradition on the shores of Echo Lake.

We can’t believe the seven weeks are coming to an end. We will cherish every minute until we say our final farewell to the summer of 2016…

College Days 2016

Blog Images-1 As we head into the last week of camp, it’s been a whirlwind of rumor and excitement. First there was the huge Monster Truck atop the roof of the Theater complete with sound effects and lights. Then there were the Super Seniors decked out in Green and Blue in the Dining Hall at lunch rockin’ and rollin’ to “Monster Mash” on the loudspeakers. But no wait…it was all a fake. There’s more to come.

The monster theme continued today. When campers returned to their cabins after lunch, they were met with individual Monster Cards on their beds instructing them to go to the Soccer Field for a surprise. We’ve changed the program. It’s now Monster Days 2017. But no…wait…FAKE! Once we were all gathered to review the new Monster Days theme a huge (and real) MONSTER TRUCK came through the Front gate, made its way to the Soccer Field complete with real 2016 College Days Banners…and it all began! College Days 2016! It was incredible!!Blog Images-2

The Baylor Bears versus the Oklahoma Sooners. Five days of sports, waterfront and track meets, games, contests, cheering, activities, songs and more. A great time to watch our Super Seniors lead the way to an awesome week of fun and spirit. Stay tuned for details and results throughout the week!

The Next Ten Days

detail 142 The next ten days of camp are going to be AWESOME! Now that our older campers have returned from their trips, we’re back as one Laurel Family and getting ready for Lake Swim, Sleeping Beauty, final Camping Trips, final Tournaments and Intercamps and, of course, College Days.  Chants of “” are starting to erupt in the Dining Hall and Cove.

While camp is starting to enter its final stretch of the summer, there’s still lots to do and we won’t miss a beat. Full program is running until this weekend when we enter the cherished College Days.  At that time, the camp will be evenly broken into two teams for five days of spirited competition and fun. No one knows when it will come…or how it will come…but the anticipation is building!

detail 72College Days is a great opportunity to watch our Super Seniors shine for the culmination of their Laurel camp careers. All Super Seniors take a leadership role in College Days and it’s most certainly the most coveted time of their summers with us.

More on College Days later in the week. But for now – it’s back to camp and all the things we love: our Friends, our Counselors, the Activities and so much more.

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