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What a Week!

Our first week together was incredible. Campers and counselors are settled into their cabins and it feels like we never left. We’re in the midst of our first program cycle – or First Rotation – and after a full week of in-camp activities, leagues, programs and special events, we look forward to the weekend ahead.

Today we break up the routine and daily schedule and have our first S-Day of the summer – the Quest. Quest is a favorite and storied all-camp event, led by our Super Seniors. The camp’s intentionally broken up into 16 small teams, across all age groups, and campers spend the day in fun and friendly competition. It’s a great, spirited day and a chance for our Super Seniors to show their leadership skills to the whole camp for the first time this summer. Even though the Quest is friendly fun – everyone wants to win the grand prize: a full service Chinese Food Buffet Dinner at Alliquippa (Jem and Debbie’s cabin). We can’t wait!

Routine Begins and Off We Go








It was a flawless Arrival Day on Saturday and by Sunday morning, we were in full program at camp.  From the Equestrian Center to the Lacrosse Field, the Dance Center to ChefCamp and the Lake to the Mountain Biking Track – we were off and running. Structure and routine is so important for the first few days of camp and we had everyone moving with their groups all over camp. The weather was — and continues to be — magnificent. It was so great and fulfilling to see campers and counselors quickly become a summer family.

After our first A Day on Sunday, we slid into our first B Day today, which will be followed by campus evening programs including the Sequoia Hockey Combine, the Bago Football Combine, Apache Egg Drop and Baxter Scavenger Photo Hunt and, of course, the all-important Acadia and Apache Camp Brother and Sister pairings with the older Bec and Bago campers. Tonight, everyone in camp will have a Big Brother or Sister and “camp families” will be born.

We have an amazing first week in store…and the fun is just beginning!!

It’s Finally Here!!

As we await the arrivals of our campers from far and near, our entire staff is pumped, energized and counting down the hours.  Our campers from the West Coast arrive this evening to get adjusted to East-Coast-Living, and then tomorrow it’s all systems go as we welcome everyone back to Readfield for our 68th summer together.

It feels like just yesterday we were hugging and saying our goodbyes at the Closing Ceremony – but tomorrow night it’s back to the shore of Echo Lake for our Opening Campfire to welcome everyone home.

We couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead. Sure, there are going to be some very normal butterflies and nerves. But before each camper closes their eyes in their cabins tomorrow night – they’ll know their new summer family is fully ready to watch over them for the next seven weeks.  The fun is about to begin!!

Staff Orientation in Full Swing

Our full staff arrived last Friday and we are immersed in our Counselor Orientation program. While our leadership team has been here for a week prior – it’s the counselors now who have the spotlight as we get to know each other, learn the Camp Laurel program, philosophy and get ready for this coming Saturday!!

Our staff looks amazing. We have an incredible group of returning leadership personnel, Department Heads, Campus Leaders and Counselors, all joined by a fantastic crop of newcomers. They come from near and far, from Manhattan Beach, California to Manhattan NYC…all ready to share the Camp Laurel experience with you!!

Our Head Counselor team is perhaps the finest anywhere. Led by Assistant Director Peter Buehner (16 Laurel years), Jon Miller (10 Laurel years), Lauren Keane (9 Laurel years) and Joie Piccati (11 Laurel years) are truly a dream team.

Camp looks great. The fields are lined. The courts are freshly painted. The new docks at the waterfront look amazing. The Lodge is complete. Now all we need are the best campers anywhere!  We can’t wait to see you Saturday!!

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