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       It’s An Acadian... Thanks!!!
Good morning Acadia! We hope you had just as an amazing summer as we did with you ladies! We want to thank you all for helping make this summer one for the books. New and returning campers had such a positive impact on making Acadia the absolute best! We had such an incredible time making memories on the lawn with you all. Some of our favorite highlights were:
• All the talent at the Acadian Talent Show
• Giggles we shared on skit nights
• “Becca ya see that moth in the spiderweb? It’s dead, I touched it!”
• Waiting for candy from the tooth fairy
• Learning alllll the patterns for friendship bracelets
• Apachia theme nights
• Putting stickers on the Pines B door
• ...and forgetting all our shoes at the Acadia gaga pit
We can’t wait to spend seven fun-filled weeks on the Acadian Lawn with you again! Hope you have the best year living 10 for 2! ILY!!
Becca & Kelsey
Parker & Sophie
 Becca & Kelsey
    Ladies of Kennebec:
We cannot say thank you enough for the amazing summer we had in Kennebec this year! We loved the energy in Bec and the inclusivity that came with it. This summer was one we will never forget. Here are a few of our favorite summer 2019 memories:
• Bec roll
• Emily always eating Cheese-itz
• VSCO Hailey
• “One more time!!” on the jet boats
• Whitewater rafting together
• Strolling our way through Boston
• Double nite bite
• SSRs L1VIN9 THE DREAM all summer long
We were truly amazed by you all this summer and we’re already counting down the days until next year!!
Much love,
Emily & Hailey
We are Baxter!
Thank you all for another amazing summer in B-A-X-T-E-R! It flew by way too fast. We can’t thank you girls enough for the most amazing seven weeks full of laughter and growth. We loved being your Campus Leaders, and we are grateful you all made our first one so special. We are so happy to have shared our Laurel spirit with you. Thanks for the memories, including:
• “Lost in the Sauce”
• Playing ga-ga until dark
• Trading bracelets
• Writing in calligraphy
• Talking on the porch of XCL
And most of all, we will miss y’all! We hope you have a fantastic, successful school year. We can’t wait to see you next year. Until then, we’ll be living 10-for-2.
Parker & SophShap
  Emily & Hailey

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