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Tom • Athletic Director
  Bus Note
2019 was a Phenomenal Summer for Laurel Athletics
Activities were incredible, the energy & effort were off the charts, competition was spirited, and skill instruction was non-stop! There were so many amazing things taking place all over Athletics all summer long. Highlights include:
• Speed Gun Shooting, and Goalkeeper Training • Sessions at Soccer
Rubber Chicken relay races
• Spin sessions raise the intensity on the new Spin Bikes
• 7 game Wiffle Ball World Series
• Tennis baseball & “Hot Hands” double play work at Baseball & Softball
• Juggle Master Club & Cross Bar Clubs were
• “Stick It” challenges at Gymnastics
• Apache rocking the courts in Basketball
• Orange Ballers winning the skills competition in Baxter Hoops
• U12 Boys tremendous 2-1 soccer victory over Androscoggin
• Sequoia Lacrosse reaching new heights with 35+ campers joining the action
• Rainbow Rounds & Level Testing at Archery
• Record # of campers join the World Gladiator club at Fitness
• Zach, Jack & Lexi all go sub 16 min for fastest heat in Triathlon history
• Gym show soars with 44 campers showing their skills
• Ice Hockey, Skating, Golf Plus, Ninja Warrior Competitions, 1-on-None Training Sessions, MLB Pop Fly Challenges, Home Run Derby, Gladiator Testing, Sports Leagues, Inter- camps,Tournaments,Volleyball, Running Hill Challenges, Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, Kickball, Backyard Sports and so many more great activities.
• “Sally-Up” push-up and squat challenges at Fitness
• Dunks abound in the Bago Hoops League
• 100+ campers hit the fields for Morning Marathon
It truly was a summer to remember in Athletics. Thank you staff and campers for making it so great!
• Speed Lax & speed testing at Lacrosse
joined at Soccer
 Mack and the Gymnstics Staff
 Great footwork by Lucy
  M-Rod drives to the hoop
   Sweet save by Connor
       Associate Athletic Director
Harry and the Lacrosse and Hockey Staff
    Athletic Director
Charlie and the Soccer Staff
Henry surveys the defense
 Solid contact from Matthew
   Jared and the Fitness Staff
 Strength and agility drills with Jules

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