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    Hi, my name is Eli Ross, I’m in Jr. Sequoia and this is my 1st year as part of the Camp Laurel family. When I first arrived, I heard the phrase living ‘10 for 2’ where you live 10 months out of the year for 2 months at camp. I didn’t understand it at first, but my Laurel experience enlightened me to that idea.
Before coming to Laurel I had already been to a different 7-week camp, but coming here I still wasn’t sure what to expect. I remember taking my first step off the bus thinking “will this be my true home away from home?” It was a new opportunity for me, so when the opening campfire came around I realized what a big family we are. Even when I was down my other Sequoia brothers were there to pick me up. (*Throw up the Sequoia S*)
Flash forward six weeks to College Days and we are split in two, but no matter how intense the activities can be, your opponents are still your brothers and sisters. That’s one big family, and one awesome home for me.
JR: Leila Edu
SR: Maddie Sollinger SSR: Remi Fischer
FR/JR:Valentina Mugica SR: Gabby Kalish
FIRE LIGHTERS Acadia Presley Gold Baxter Eloise Jones
Bec Brooke Drucker
SSR Bec Brooke Hollander Apache Ronan Kulik Sequoia Isaac Simonds Bago Jesse Cohen
FR/JR: Shane Mergentime SR: Sam Doolittle
JR:Talia Sobel SR: Marin Milken
JR: Eli Ross
SR: Jake Rosenberg
SSR Bago Michael Rodriguez
CANDLE HOLDERS Acadia Sadie Heller Baxter Caylin Brod
Bec Avery Gough
Apache Milo Berger Sequoia Harrison Luterman Bago Lucas Ford
JR: Parker Raff SR: Oliver Merced SSR: Zachary Berg

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