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     Sienna shows us how it’s done on the wheel
        Behind the scenes set up never stops at Tech Theatre
Bus Note
   The Big Show Fame
Studio Art Baxter 3 style
    Lights, Camera, Action!
  Emme and Biz work on their tie-dye
The creativity was
abundant in 2019!
Rockport saw a record number of first time campers interested in learning more from our amazing team led by Evan and Sarah. They produced a great album “MooseTracks 2019”.
ChefCamp led by Chef Isabelle and crew this summer was better than ever! Campers built on their previous culinary skills and simply amazed us with their ability and confidence. Congratulations to the competitors in the “Mystery Box Challenge” for their impressive creations.
Those who participated in our dance showcases “Summer Road Trip” and “The Sounds and Songs of Summer” can be especially proud as the group and individual numbers rocked the Field House.
Studio Art enthusiasts created some colorful and imaginative creations while honing their artistic techniques.
Metalsmithing took on a challenge to make flatware artistic and the results were creative and professional.
The fun that flowed from Arts and Crafts produced hundreds of feathery, glittery, and inspired projects.
And everyone enjoyed Theatre’s performances of Fame and Frozen. Great work Rachel, Bass, and crew. It is impressive what our campers can accomplish in such a short amount of time.
Keep creating this winter, and remember to try something new and always be kinder than necessary.
See everyone in 2020!
Zack • interarts Director
    Adventure and InterArts Director
Chris, Biz and the Studio Art & Arts & Crafts Staff
Laurel ballet goes on pointe
    A bowl made by a pro

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