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P. 16

Laurel’s own Rock n’ Roll star!
   Frosh Acadia loves ChefCamp!
Charlie pick the finest veggies for their dish
Eli and
and the ChefCamp Staff
        Nate prepares personal pizzas
      Ryan and Oliver learn to sauté
     SR Baxter shows off their Guacamole
    Luke shows Sequoia how to lay the foundation
  Vegetable chopping from William
Emme and Valentina live on-air at WCLM “The Echo”
 Sofia and Farrah’s bakery!
Leila and Leah, Laurel’s sushi chefs
Mack strums the 6-string
     Daphne and Charlotte recording their newest track
 Sam instructs Jordan on his chords
Lexi and Sloane crack some eggs
    Lucy jamming on the piano keys
1, 2, 1, 2, 3, GO!
 Evan, Sarah and the Rockport Crew
 Tess and Hudson work on their duet
Ella writing the next #1 hit

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