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           Bus Note
 Sloane leads the way
The 2019 Barn was pure Hocus Pocus!
Kendall • Equestrian Director
   5 Harry Potter horses joined us this year: Hagrid, HP, Luna Lovegood, Tonks, Neville Longbottom, Rita Skeeter and Minerva McGonagall. Returners included Twizzler, Edee, Belle, Girl, and Freedom! We had an awesome crew of riders at the barn for this summers’ equestrian program. Some great memories:
• Polo with Minerva!
• Frosh Acadian pony rides with Tonks,Twizzler and Poppy!
• Western with Tonks!
• Camp Laurel Horse Show and sportsmanship awards!
• Course work with Dinero and Poppy!
Camp Laurel Equestrian had a great season! We saw many new faces and had lots of returning campers who showed outstanding progress! As always, watching personal growth, brings me joy! Great job this summer riders - see you in 2020!
    Eva mastering the basics with Minerva
    Melanie looking ahead for the perfect distance
Perfect form from Marin
 Eli and Hayden lend a hand in the stables
Big smiles from Leila and Twizzler
  Ella in full trot
  Equestrian Director
     Twizzler gives Braeden a wild ride
Alexa practices her jumps
Jillian walks Hagrid to the ring
Zoe and Maya take a joy ride
       Bret and Belle ready to hit the dirt
The Equestrian Staff

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