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  Fellas of ApacheQuoia!
I have each one of you to thank for making this one of the best summers of my life. Every day held so many memories: from the morning bell to Apache’s Wonderland in The Lodge to late-night Sequoia Scrambles.
An enthusiastic shout out to all the counselors who facilitated fun and helped forge an unforgettable summer: we appreciate all your hard work.
Embrace the friendships, inside jokes, and special events that Laurel creates. When you’re reliving your favorite summer moments over the school year just remember that Echo Lake will be ready for more adventures and memories in 2020!
See you soon,
     Apache & Sequoia Head Counselor
     Bago Head Counselor
Jon Miller
Gentlemen of Kennebago:
As always, Bago was the place to be this summer, and the energy and fun was unmatched! Walking into campus during Rec Time to 5 frisbees flying, Kan Jam, and footballs being tossed encapsulated the entire Bago experience. It was a FUN place to be this summer. Also don’t forget the extended trips, Bago football, and all the inside jokes created throughout the summer.
A huge thank you to the staff of Kennebago! The energy and excitement in Bago this summer wouldn’t have been possible without your dedication to the kids and creating the fun for them. You guys did an amazing job this summer!
Finally, a shout-out to the Super Seniors of Kennebago. You were such an amazing group of boys. You helped to lead campus (and camp) in such a tremendously positive way this summer. You’ll be missed next summer. Thank you for making your last summer the best one yet.
In my mind I’ve gone to Kennebago!
Jon Miller

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