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       APACHE... Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind!
Apache was the place to be this summer! No matter how far you travel from our home on Apache Hill, all you need to do is listen closely to hear the echoes from the summer of 2019:
• ASN! ASN! ASN! Capture the Chicken!
• Meeester Shaw & Carrots
• “Apachia” & “All the Bracelets”
• Cap of Chance! Chance...chance...chance...
• You can’t ride my little red wagon!
Apache campers and counselors, thank you for making Apache a riot all summer long! Apache is truly a wonderland and we cannot wait to see you again in ten short months.
Will & Ryan
  Will & Ryan
   Cal & Phil
 Yeah Bago... Rollin’ Like a Big Shot!
We want to thank each and every one of you for the awesome Summer we had in Kennebago. The energy was off the charts and there was always a frisbee or football flying through the air. Although we made a ton of memories, here are just a few of our proudest ones:
• SHW1N9
• Siiimon Siiimon Siiimon
• I’m not even tired!
• Burger Ben
• Oh shoot, it’s a rat!
• Steak? Or lobster?
• Frisbees and footballs flying everywhere
Continue to carry your positivity into the school year! We can’t wait to see you back at camp next Summer.
Ben, Gage & Matt
Ooh Ooh, Squa Squa, Eh Eh, Turn it Up!
This summer in Sequoia was truly incredible! While every summer is unique, 2019 will go down in the history books as one of the best because of all of you, both campers and staff. 2019 Sequoia Highlights Include:
• A Nail-Biting SHL Season
• The Sequoia Stare Returns
• Scrambles 24/7
• Sequoia Bracelets becoming the hottest commodity at camp
• Sequoia Fortnite Madness
A huge thank you for making Sequoia the place to be this summer. And while the school year may seem long at times, always remember to live 10 for 2! Bring on summer 2020!
Cal & Phil
  Matt, Ben & Gage

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