2022 Camp Dates

We are slightly adjusting our season by moving from 49 to 47 days. By doing this, we achieve a few important goals: 

  • End a bit earlier in August making it more appealing for college and prep school teachers and coaches to commit for the full summer.
  • Reduce early staff departures for school, college or work. Often, college RAs, NCAA athletes and coaches, and private school teachers have obligations starting mid-August.
  • Improve the ability to employ Laurel alumni who often need to leave camp early to prepare for college.
  • Allow our older campers, some of whom are high school athletes, more time at home before they are obligated for pre-season.
  • Additionally, the summer pace can be frenetic, and a few extra days for home re-entry can be beneficial.

Our 2022 dates:

Opening Date: Saturday, June 25
Closing Date: Wednesday, August 10 
Visiting Day: Saturday, July 23