Program & Activities

Program Structure

The summer at Camp Laurel is divided into two rotations. Campers focus on five activities each day on an alternating “A” and “B” basis. Younger campers are automatically scheduled for swim instruction, tennis lessons, team sports, as well as a rotation of waterskiing, crafts and an exciting Junior Fitness Program. As a camper gets older, he or she will have more electives in his or her schedule.


Waterfront and lake program at Camp Laurel in Maine
Tennis program at Camp Laurel in Maine

Innovative Activity Scheduling

Camp Laurel is known for its innovative Scheduling Program which allows a blend of required activities and electives and becomes more flexible as campers get older.


Campers have the option of participating in Intercamps and Tournaments against other summer camps in activities like tennis, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, basketball, sailing and swimming. There are no “try-outs” – campers don’t have to “make the cut” to be on the team. Even though we “play to win”, sportsmanship, being part of a team and having fun are the most integral components to these games.

“S” Days

Every fifth day, we have a Special Day, or “S” Day at Camp Laurel. On an “S” Day, campers wake up late and have a special buffet breakfast. There is a special program — bumper tubing on the lake, Carnival Day, athletic leagues in soccer, flag football and capture the flag, Halloween in July, Gold Rush — which takes the place of your camper’s regular activities. Campers also go on out-of-camp trips to the beach, amusement and water parks or other scenic destinations along the Maine coast.

Special Days at Summer Camp