Food Services


Food Services Staff
Larry Cogle Food Service Manager 22nd Year at Camp
Larry has been overseeing our food and beverage operations for 22 years. He keeps us well fed all summer with healthy, nutritious and delicious entrees, soups and desserts. He’s the master of the Laurel dining program.
Wilf Braidwood Dining Hall Manager – 3rd Year at Camp  
Botond Balog Asst. Dining Hall Manager – 3rd Year at Camp  


Alton Lewis Executive Chef 39th Year at Camp
Alton has been our executive chef for 39 years. During the winter he is a lead chef at Boston University. Alton is a key part of our culinary team and the Laurel family!
Joel Bushie Breakfast Cook – 29th Year at Camp  
Debbie Peacock Breakfast Chef – 3rd Year at Camp  
Rosa Stratton Associate Chef – 1st Year at Camp  
Vicki Dill Cook – 4th Year at Camp  
Freddie Shorey Cook – 1st Year at Camp  
Hank Wilson Cook – 4th Year at Camp  
Omar Arvizu Gonzalez Assistant Cook – 5th Year at Camp  
Elizabeth Guevara Arroyo Assistant Cook – 1st Year at Camp  
Ale Hernandez Nunez Gluten Free Cook – 1st Year at Camp  


Ingrid Lopez Orizaba, Mexico  
Martha Aburto Ruiz Puebla, Mexico  
Guadalupe Velasco Orizaba, Mexico  
Leo Berra Gonzalez Mendoza, Mexico  
Luis Daniel Lechuga Mexico City, Mexico  
Victor Spinosa Sosa Xalapa, Mexico  
Estefany Varela Aragon Tehuacan, Mexico  
Karen Martinez Hernandez Xalapa, Mexico  
Carlos Jalomo Garcia San Luis Potosi, Mexico  
Ricardo Betanzos Cabrera Rio Blanco, Mexico  
Leo Dan Contreras Puebla, Mexico  
Pablo Baez Castillo Mendoza, Mexico  
Gerardo Guzman Solarez Puebla, Mexico  
Alberto Alfaro Puebla, Mexico  
Genaro Hernandez Sanchez Orizaba, Mexico  
Alex Torres Acevedo Ixmiquilpan, Mexico  
Mary Moreno Apan, Mexico  
Roy Alvarado Orizaba, Mexico  
Christian Gonzalez Martinez Puebla, Mexico  
Iran Linares Munoz Puebla, Mexico  
Lucie Reznickova Ceska Skalice, Czech Republic  
Karolina Hruskova Prague, Czech Republic  
Alicja Chelstowska Skwierzyna, Poland  
Ilse Salgado Hernandez Tlaxcala, Mexico  
Andres Ortega Bouret Nogales, Mexico  
Estuardo Romero Lugo Puebla, Mexico  
Jose Medina Ramirez Cordoba, Mexico  
Hong Son Chu Budapest, Hungary  
Fer Ramirez Mendez San Luis Potosi, Mexico