20 Really Awesome Things You Can Do in One Summer at Camp Laurel That You (Probably ) Can’t Do in One Summer at Home

1.) Jump on a Water Trampoline
2.) Ride a Zipline
3.) Paint Yourself a Different Color
4.) Throw a Clay Pot on a Wheel
5.) Take a Dip in This Kind of Pool
6.) Learn a Balance Beam Routine
7.) Sing at Campfire
8.) Shoot Hoops in One of These
9.) Perform a Musical Number
10.) Perform in a Musical
11.) Have a Sleepover with Your Friends Every Night
12.) Roast Marshmallows and Make S’mores
13.) Try a New Sport
14.) Go Mountainbiking
15.) …And Horseback Riding
16.) …And Canoeing
17.) Learn to Waterski
18.) Climb a Wall
19.) Build a Rocket
20.) Play Gaga