Thinking of Summer Camp in 2013?

It’s fall.  So who cares about summer camp, right?   Tell that to the thousands of summer campers and staff members who have quite literally already started the countdown to next summer.  We’re talking smart phone apps tracking time down to the second.  Perhaps this is the perfect reason why you should begin thinking seriously about summer camp next year if you haven’t already done so.

If your children have already heard about camp from their friends, then the idea has been planted.  Now is the perfect time to talk to your children to see if summer camp might be the right option for your children next summer.  Sure, it’s only fall now but…the holidays are around the corner.  We all know what those months are like.  It’s October, you’re wondering how many bags of Halloween candy you should buy for the trick-or-treaters.  Then you blink and it’s New Year’s Eve.

If you’re new to camp, you might be surprised to learn that many camps have already opened enrollment for next year.  Crazy, right?  It’s not lareally so crazy when you stop to consider that Camp Laurel operates at capacity enrollment every season.  Many of those campers, particularly those who are of junior high and high school age, are returning campers.  Siblings of existing campers are often given first priority in early registration.  After those spots are filled, any remaining spots, typically fewer than for which there is demand, are made available to new campers.

Not surprisingly, extremely popular premiere level camps , like Camp Laurel, are popular for a reason, and one of those reasons is that we take great pride in the balance of personalities we assemble every summer.  This means that enrolling might not be as simple as filling out an application and submitting an application fee.  We like to meet you in order to make sure that you’re right for our camp and that our camp is right for you.  And why wouldn’t you want to meet us, too?  After all, this is where you’re thinking of sending your children to live for all or a portion of the summer.  You’re basically searching for a summer family for them.  It’s one thing to look at a brochure and think, ‘Oh, that’s pretty!  And it looks fun!’ But sometimes it’s another thing entirely to meet the people who will be caring for your children as well as the children with whom they will be living and participating in activities.

So, yes, even though a new school year is just barely underway, now is a great time to start thinking of summer camp.   Get your child’s thoughts.  Sit down and make a list of your own expectations for a summer camp.  Then, start doing research.  Get on the internet and start checking camp websites, Facebook pages, etc.  These days, a camp’s online community can speak volumes.  If campers and staff members are still thinking of and missing camp in the midst of that holiday rush that we all blink and miss, then chances are you’ve found a winner!