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80 mph

Scott-88While our program continues to run at 80 mph, we wish you could see all that’s going on at camp.  Sure, parents and friends at home have the opportunity to see some pictures of their children with friends or participating in activities, but you can’t get a real taste of camp that way. A snapshot doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact – it barely tells anything at all.

What’s going on and is most important at camp is children learning independence and campers growing each and every day. Growing at activity areas, growing on the ballfields, growing at the lake, and most importantly, growing into solid and productive citizens.

Scott-139July 4th was great. Quest was amazing. The Hypnotism Show was out-of-sight. All-Camp Council Fire was awesome. Sports Night rolls on. But mostly, just being with each other in an unplugged community is the best.

Two weeks have already flown by, but stay tuned…the best is yet to come!