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A Little Adversity

Patricia-13At camp, campers often get scrapes, bumps and bruises. Sometimes they get sick for a day or two, or even three. Sometimes they fall off a wakeboard and hit their head. Sometimes they even break a finger, an arm or a leg.

Camp is far and away the safest place for these things to happen to children. Because children are away from home for seven weeks, they adapt and learn the skills needed to deal with relatively minor adversities of life. Of course, they do this with the warm and thoughtful assistance of caring adults.

When children at camp face a bit of diversity, the adults at camp – Counselors, Campus Leaders, Head Counselors, Department Heads, Directors – are all here to pick them up, hone their adaptation skills and ultimately move on.

What better place to learn to handle the trials and tribulations of daily life is there than camp? We can’t think of any.