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A Respite…

Even though the world around us continues to whiz by at a dizzying pace, it’s so refreshing to be secluded and disconnected in Readfield, Maine. No 24-hour cable news; no iPads; no newspapers; no outside gossip. Our own world where we can just be. Play. Exist. Relax. Unwind. Learn how to overcome hurdles and obstacles in life. And be each other. Now that cabin groups are functioning like a family (with the usual familial speed bumps and ups-and-downs) we go into the next phase of camp. Campers are taking advantage of spending time with each other; their counselors; and of course focusing on their mastery of skills recently developed or, perhaps, never knew that actually had.


After two-and-a-half weeks of camp, we are very mindful of “switching it up.”  While the base of our program – Athletics, Waterfront, Tennis, InterArts, Adventure, Equestrian has never been stronger – our In- and Out-of-Camp S-Days are a welcome break from the routine. It’s a great balance of instruction, recreation, competition, trips and more. As we approach the weekend, we look forward to more exciting programming, our All-Camp Campfire, and of course Sunday’s Camp Laurel Annual Carnival. One of the highlights of the season!