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A Spectacular Summer….Comes to a Close

Last night was our traditional Final Ceremony. Campers from every campus gave speeches reminiscing about their favorite parts of camp, what Laurel means to them, the bonds they’ve made, how Laurel has changed their lives, and moved an audience of 800 to tears. The Fieldhouse was transformed into a glowing forest where we shared one final night of friendship that we’ll never forget! This morning was a whirlwind of hugs, tears, hot chocolate, bus notes, and our favorite S-day breakfast foods – an awesome send-off to hold us over for the next ten months. When we look back on the past seven weeks, it’s crazy how much we packed in!! Tennis, Quest, Waterskiing, Gold Rush, ChefCamp, Rainbow Games, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer, Funtown, Trash Bag Prom, Ceramics, Metals, and Craft, Laurelstock, Honey Badger Training, Around the World, Ropes, Climbing and Mountain Biking, Extended Trips, Amazing Race, College Days, Laurel Idol, Ultimate Dance Off, Campfires, Group Sing, Sports Nights, Intercamps, the musicals and dance shows, and so much more! Thank you all for the memories, Laurel 2012 was a blast! WE WILL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH, WE CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER 2013!!!!!!!!