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Camp is … just around the corner!

We’re so excited to begin the May countdown to camp. The staff is hired…the fields are green…the new Hockey Arena is just about finished….and we are ready to start moving beds and cubbies getting everything set for arrival day. Believe it or not, our first group of “Pre Camp Staff” heads to Maine this week to work on opening preparations.

Claire has been busy in the Westport office communicating with the 250 plus counselors and staff members who begin their journey soon from all over the country…and the world…to Readfield. We have counselors coming from more than 50 colleges throughout the United States. In early June, the Campus Leaders come to work with myself, Debbie, Peter and Claire for a 6 day “Campus Leader Workshop.” They are followed by the entire Adventure Staff (those are the folks who lead our outdoor tripping, ropes, climbing and mountain biking programs) for their orientation program with Inner Quest and SOLO Wilderness Expeditions (these are two groups from Virginia and New Hampshire which have been leading our adventure Orientation programs for 15 years!). Next to arrive is the smallcrafts staff (sailing and windsurfing) who will jump right into their training with Warren, Holly and Geoff….and then the Department Heads come on June 14 before all counselors hit the scene on June 17.

We’ll check in from time to time to keep you updated with news from camp.

Back in Connecticut, we’re so thrilled to announce the arrival and new addition to our family — Tess Alexandra Sollinger. Tess will, of course, be with us at camp this summer. Tess was born on April 22nd and she and Debbie are doing GREAT! She can’t wait to meet everyone (camper and counselors). Needless to say, Anabel and Madeline are thrilled to have another Sollinger girl in the family and can’t wait to show her Camp Laurel in action come June.

As always, Debbie joins me in sending her warmest and best regards.