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Campfires and S’mores

Camp_Laurel (2)The program at Camp Laurel is incredibly active and fast-paced.  Campers are scheduled for activities all day long – from tennis, basketball, lacrosse and soccer to waterskiing, wakeboarding, horseback riding, metals and more.  We climb, canoe, hike and swing through trees on our Ropes Course.  We slide down a 40-foot Zipline. We eat breakfast, fruit break, lunch, dinner, and Nite Bite together with our friends and counselors. We enjoy evening activities, special events, camping trips and traditional day excursions.  We participate in theatre productions, dance shows, and intercamps and tournaments in 12 different sports.  We record music, create masterpieces in ChefCamp and play guitar, drums and keyboards.

But last night, at about 9:15, ten girls from a Senior Baxter cabin were sitting around the Alliquippa Campfire Site just talking.  They were singing, making s’mores, reminiscing about their day and talking among themselves and their counselors. untitled-107 They were having the best time.

We think, in addition to all the skills we teach and campers learn every day…in addition to the tennis serve they may master and the gymnastics moves they may perfect…the time at the Alliquippa Campfire Site is what those ten Baxter girls will remember most: a simple moment with close friends, sharing their greatest memories at their summer home.