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College Days

The Super Seniors met with Jem, Debbie and Keith last night to  announce the College Days teams.  We discussed the “break,” the camper leadership and captains, the next five days together…and we talked a lot about the last week of camp for this great group of campers, many of whom have been with us for six, seven and eight years.

Starting at lunch today, these Super Seniors will lead us through five days of sports, games, activities, events, cheers, relays, slam-dunk contests and more.  They will demonstrate the leadership skills they’ve acquired this summer, and we will watch them grow into true camp heroes.
After the break today (first a fake out at Fruit Break, then a Magic Show and a Water Show…and finally the real thing)  we were all treated to an amazing demonstration of Flyboarding across Echo lake with Flyboard Phil carrying the traditional College Days Banner.

Campers headed to the Upper Fields and the Marquette Blue Eagles and the Cincinnati Red Bearcats were announced as our 2014 teams. The 51 Super Seniors will lead our campers and our counselors through what’s expected to be a great week of fun, spirit and competition.

Let The Games Begin!!