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Scott-2After an incredible 6 weeks of camp, College Days broke today. There was a Tailgate Party followed by a gourmet Picnic Lunch, and then a Parade of decorated dump-trucks and a big White Trolly followed by an incredible Fireworks Show on the Lacrosse Field signifying the start of five days of our summer-culminating event. The camp is now broken into two teams: The University of Missouri Tigers and The Texas A&M Aggies. It will be an incredible week!

Throughout the week, there’ll be sports, games, contests, songs, cheers and spirit galore. There’ll be Chaos, Rope Burn, Tug O’ War and Keith Says. We’ll fight hard, win with Patricia-2pride and dignity, and lose gracefully. There’ll be opportunities for all our Super Seniors to exhibit the leadership skills they’ve honed all summer. And there’ll, of course, be boatloads of fun!

We’ll keep you posted on the events and progress of the week ahead! Go Aggies! Go Tigers!