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College Days!!

After being faked out twice, College Days broke on the Upper Fields with an incredible performance of medieval jousting! The Super Seniors then took over and helped split the camp into our two teams; University of Alabama and Auburn University! The athletic prowess, sportsmanship, creativity, and sheer enthusiasm that has taken over Laurel is unbelievable! Every camper has the chance to add to the team dynamic through tennis matches, dance championships, soccer, music trivia, kickball, basketball, track meet, swim meet, Simon Says, plaque making, tug ‘o war, and so much more! What an awesome four days that our campers will be talking about for weeks and months to come! Well it’s time zip-it-up, tonight is a College Days favorite: Silent Dinner! (All campers from both teams are challenged to remain completely silent while staff members put on crazy costumes and try their best to make them laugh!)