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Extended Trips, FAME, Olympics and More…

As we pass the midway mark of camp, we stop and take a look around about what we’ve accomplished the last four weeks and what we have in store the next three. In addition to our regular program, our Bec and Bago campers depart tomorrow on their traditional Extended Trips. Junior Bec and Bago head to Boston to enjoy all that city has to offer. Our 8th graders (Senior Bec and Bago) leave for the Canadian border and the great city of Montreal for an incredible four-day adventure. And our Super Seniors depart on their seven-day trip throughout New Hampshire and Maine.


While this is happening, our younger campers have the “run of the place” and love having all the program specialty areas to themselves.  Of course, we mix in some special treats for them, normally reserved for our older campers. Wednesday is the Laurel Olympics – truly one of the summer’s special event highlights. Last night’s performance of FAME was out-of-sight! Well done to this well-rehearsed cast and crew. And tonight is our annual Group Sing. Lots of great times behind us…and lots of amazing things to come!