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First Week Kicks Off Strong

It’s been an amazing first week of camp. The planes and buses rolled in from all over America and we had a great arrival, fantastic Opening Campfire with the presentation of new 7 Year Patagonia Jackets and 8 Year Watches to our illustrious group of returning campers. Staff also received gifts for their 10th year as members of the Laurel family. It was program 24/7 the next day as we dove right into all activity areas. The athletic fields are alive, art studios are hoppin’ and the waterfront is as popular as ever.
We have an amazing group of staff and they’re tuned in and psyched for what lies ahead. The Counselor Cabaret last night was incredible. Tonight is the Bec and Bago Sports Night Draft. Baxter is all about Battle of the Air Bands this evening after tonight’s delicious lemon chicken dinner. If you were flying over Camp Laurel right now, you’d see a beehive of activity at Riding, Tennis, Gymnastics, Skiing, Mountain Biking and More! 2013 has begun with a whirl!!