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First Week Wrap Up!

The first week of camp is wrapping up and we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the summer! All programs are up and running. From Lacrosse to Waterskiing to Dance to Fitness to Tennis to Metals and so much more…we’re doing it all. The weather has been fantastic, too! Wednesday night was our first Sports Night highlighted by some incredible touchdown catches and a game-winning interception in Bago Football. Last night was our all-camp Talent Show and we were blown away by how many talented campers and staff we had on stage. Today is the annual Quest, a 50-year-old Laurel tradition! We split the camp up into 16 teams and compete in various sports, relays, and cheer competitions for a chance to win a Chinese feast at Jem and Debbie’s house, Alliquippa. The Super Seniors are pumped for their first opportunity of the summer to show their skills as team leaders. Who will win?