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Five Year Club, Music, Camping Out and More…

Wow! There are 178 members of our Five Year Club at Laurel! To become a member, you simply have to be a camper or staff member who has been attending camp for five years or more – and today they receive their t-shirts, enjoy a special meal and then head on their trip to the movies! It gets more fun every year in Readfield. Speaking of camp fun, four camping trips leave today and tomorrow. Apache is heading out to Camden, a group of Acadians will be going to Rangeley and another group of Acadians will take a canoe adventure to 3 Rocks. The Sequoia boys are on their way to Acadia National Park. They will camp out, swim in some awesome lakes, and take some great hikes. Back at camp, for the second summer, music has been very popular at our Rockport recording studio. Campers learn to layer drum beats, create melodies, process vocals for the breakdown of songs and arrange remixes. Introducing Rockport (specifically audio, music, and vocal instruction) to camp has inspired so many campers to become focused, creative, and discover hidden talent!