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Free on Saturday?

So, do you have any plans for Saturday? Just kidding — we know you do. But at camp we like to downplay the approach of Visiting Day. Even though everyone at camp knows that it’s on Saturday, we don’t talk about it until Friday night. The emotions it stirs up won’t surprise you because you see them on Saturday: calm, anxiety, laughter, excitement, surprise. With more than fifty visiting days under our belt, we know how to prepare the children for your arrival and reintegrate them into camp after you leave. On Friday, we mention the schedule and the procedures at the evening Cove, and let our staff take it from there. Once Saturday dawns, it’s a calm and wonderful day. After you leave, we get the campers back into their camp lives with the always-popular pizza dinner on Saturday night and then normal program on Sunday. In this way, we let everyone enjoy Visiting Day without creating any unnecessary apprehension.

We encourage you to get to camp by 9:00 on Saturday morning as the gates open at 9:30. At that time, you can go children’s cabins, see the kids, and meet their counselors and Campus Leaders. During the day, see them participate in their favorite activities, all of which are open to them so they can demonstrate their accomplishments and introduce you to their program counselors. Enjoy lunch, either the buffet at the Dining Hall or the barbecue at the Field House. Go for a swim or play some tennis. Some parents chose to take their children out of camp; if you opt to do so, you can bring them back to camp by 4:00 or drop them at the Augusta Civic Center at 5:00. If you decide to stay in camp, you can take advantage of all the special Visiting Day events, then leave your children with their counselors when you head home.

As always, if you have any special needs or concerns, let us know. We look forward to a fun day on Saturday, rain, shine, or both.