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Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise

As we enter the last full week of regular program at camp, spirits are high and alive. The weather has been nothing short of magnificent and we are on a tidal wave of last of program and special events. After a full week of A and B Days, we had a great, relaxing S day mid week of bumpertubing, movies and ACFL Madness. The Acadians and Apaches even had their own drive-in move on the upper fields.

We’re gearing up for the Sports Night Championships under-the-lights tonight and our annual Tailgate Party. The Dance Show is tonight and we cannot wait!! More than 150 camper participants. The Fieldhouse will be rockin’. The last camping trips are returning tomorrow afternoon from Rangeley, Camden, Acadia and Grafton Notch.

Our girls competed today and did remarkably well at the annual Mataoka Gym Meet. And….chants of “Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, We Want College Days” can be heard all over camp.

Over the next day or two, College Days will kick off and we’ll be immersed in five days of sports, activities, events, song and sheer, tug of wars, relays and spectacle. It will be an awesome week!