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Mid-Way and Lots to Do!

Waterskiing-4We are just mid-way through the summer, but there’s much to do. We still have mountains to climb, rivers to cross, lines and lyrics to learn, wakes to jump and goals to score. We’re going full force in our routine and look forward to continuing to master our skills, learning how to live with each other and most importantly, we look forward to having more fun.

Living in a cabin with a group of friends and counselors for seven weeks — with hardly any privacy — is not always easy. We learn to share and to compromise. We learn to give a lot and to take a little.  We learn how to cope. These are all great skills we will put to use in all our relationships: at home, with our family, at school, in college, at work and beyond.

Our days are filled with fun and frivolity. Our nights, with memories that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to seeing our families this weekend…and to spending the next three-and-a-half weeks together. There’s still lots to do!