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One Week: How Can It Be?

In just a week, how can it be? We’ve settled into our cabins. Reacquainted with old friends. Made all kinds of new friends. Took our swim tests. Got set into tennis levels. Played in 11 intercamps and tournaments. Had Open Calls for Guys and Dolls. Explored the new mountain biking park. Met, rode, washed and jumped with our 22 horses and ponies. Caught all kinds of fish on the Sweetwater Fishing pontoon.
Got psyched about amazing Athletics department heads in Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Fitness, and Gymnastics. Reveled in the new stuff going on in Metals, Ceramics, Studio Art, Chefcamp, and Rockport Music Production. Had 16 pizza, cake and coke birthday parties at the Log cabin Snack bar. Loved the new ribs at cookout. And in between we even got some sleep. It’s been a great first week at camp!