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Program Begins in Readfield…

As the buses rolled in on Saturday, excitement and friendship could be seen in the crashing hugs and screams of laughter as friends were reunited and new bonds were formed. Whether Super Senior veterans or first year campers, our excited staff couldn’t wait to welcome our campers to their summer home!
After dinner, we all gathered in the Fieldhouse and were start!treated to the awesome talents of our staff. Seven, eight, and ten year returners were awarded Laurel-logo Northface Fleeces and Watches gifts, and Jem quoted a camper who said: “the only sad thing about the start of camp is knowing that the end will be near.” On Sunday we jumped into activities, got into the swing of camp, and Baxter, Sequoia, Bec, and Bago auditioned for the Big Show, “FAME”. Summer 2012 is off to a fabulous