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Routine Begins and Off We Go








It was a flawless Arrival Day on Saturday and by Sunday morning, we were in full program at camp.  From the Equestrian Center to the Lacrosse Field, the Dance Center to ChefCamp and the Lake to the Mountain Biking Track – we were off and running. Structure and routine is so important for the first few days of camp and we had everyone moving with their groups all over camp. The weather was — and continues to be — magnificent. It was so great and fulfilling to see campers and counselors quickly become a summer family.

After our first A Day on Sunday, we slid into our first B Day today, which will be followed by campus evening programs including the Sequoia Hockey Combine, the Bago Football Combine, Apache Egg Drop and Baxter Scavenger Photo Hunt and, of course, the all-important Acadia and Apache Camp Brother and Sister pairings with the older Bec and Bago campers. Tonight, everyone in camp will have a Big Brother or Sister and “camp families” will be born.

We have an amazing first week in store…and the fun is just beginning!!