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Staff Orientation Week

Some campers and parents may wonder what happens up at camp before they arrive. When do the counselors get there and what do they do to prepare? All of America’s Finest Summer Camp staff members attend a week long orientation session. This is a week when counselors learn a lot about themselves, each other, the camp itself and, most importantly, our campers! Quite literally, the goal of camp is to make sure campers have the most fun they possibly can have while still being safe. During Orientation week, every camp staff member learns how to make that happen. They also have a little bit of fun while doing this. They live as campers in cabins during Orientation, they learn all of the camp’s favorite songs (motions too!), they play games, participate in evening activities, and learn dining and trip procedures. Orientation is a fun and intense week, but it’s made even more so by the excitement for the campers’ arrival. By the end of Orientation week, everyone knows that camp is getting close. But even the activity generated by having all our staff members around for Orientation doessn’t compare to the atmosphere instantly created by a camp full of campers! We’ll see you soon!