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Taking Advantage…

Facebook-21At the all-camp Staff Meeting last night after Carnival, Jem and Debbie spoke with the counselors about camp being a marathon and not a sprint. They talked about pacing themselves, making sure they take good care of themselves and making the very most out of their experience at Camp Laurel. In the blink of an eye, it will be College Days and the end of the summer. So, we want everyone to “Take Advantage.”

The week gone by was awesome: we had Trips, Intercamps, Tournaments, Golf Plus, Carnival and so much more. We had 6th Period Specials, Matball Tourneys, Home Run Derbies and an amazing Camp Sister and Brother campfire. We created incredible delectables in Chefcamp…made masterful projects in Ceramics and Metals…and the Acadians and Apaches made hilarious paper penguins in Crafts. We worked on our pitching in baseball, hitting in softball, free throws in basketball and penalty kicks in Soccer. We tried to improve our form in tennis, better our balance in Gymnastics and control our breathing and strokes at Swimming. We loved Bumpertubing, Skiing, Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing behind our fleet of 5 Mastercrafts.Patricia-10

Senior Bec and Bago campers leave this afternoon for their whitewater rafting trip down the Kennebec River and the Ospreys and Eagles are at Alliquippa for Cabin Campfires. Baxter girls are going to Lake St. George and Sequoia boys are off to Rangeley Lakes.

While we want the staff to take advantage, we of course want the campers to take advantage too. Take advantage of this great thing we call CAMP!!