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The Action Never Stops…

Paul Rabil. Swim Meets. Tennis Tournaments. Climbing Competitions. Bradbury State Park. Lake St . George. ChefCamp. Morning Marathon. Crack o’ Dawn Fishing. S’mores Sites. Bounty Social. Flag Football. Sports Night. Sailing Regatta. Bec Swim. Bago Sprint. Luau. Hoe Down. Davis Cup. ACFL. Rockport. APES. Baxter Hoops. Wakeboarding. Stand Up Paddling. Golf Plus. Fireworks. Ribs for Cookout. Metals. MYOS. One-on-None. Sequoia Hockey League. Funtown. Camden State Park. Freeport.

We’ve been at camp for two-and-half weeks and the action hasn’t stopped in Readfield. Hold onto your hats…the best is yet to come!!