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The Cabin

While programs, activities, trips and intercamps are in full swing – and campers are on the move from wake-up through bedtime – the place that we spend the most time every day at camp is the cabin. That’s why we say cabin-life is the most important element of any camper’s experience.

Living in a cabin day-in and day-out and sharing space with 8-14 others campers and 3-4 counselors is the foundation of what camp is all about. Children learn to live as a group and this sets the table for becoming an active, engaging and considerate teenager, college student and adult. Of course, like in life, there are bumps along the road. Even the most well-adjusted adult can struggle with individual and group dynamics. Learning to live with and manage these bumps with guidance from caring adults is perhaps the most compelling reason why camp is so important and why it builds resiliency in children.

 While mastering a backhand in tennis, getting up on a slalom ski, conquering the climbing tower or being in the camp musical are all ingredients to an amazing summer, it’s the dynamic and pulse of the cabin that campers will remember through the winter and, very often, the rest of their lives.