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The Shores of Echo Lake are Abuzz

IMG_0088Temperatures are high and spirits are even higher as we’re immersed in our first week or program.  Everywhere in camp you can hear the echoes of campers playing, hitting, swinging, kicking, creating, singing, riding, skiing and so much more.  Our Department Heads are running fantastic, fun and progressive activities, sports, programs and classes and it shows on the faces of campers – young and old.  After just three full days of program, we’re starting to see progress on some many levels. Campers getting up on waterskis for the first time; riding their favorite pony or horse; swinging for the fences at Baseball or swinging from the trees at High Ropes; IMG_2882 working on their routines in Gymnastics; learning to better their serve in Tennis and so much more. We had Open Calls for Beauty and The Beast and the Dance Department had open calls for the Baxter and Bec Dance Team. The Bec and Bago Sports Night Draft is tonight and the first all-camp Sports Night of the summer is this Thursday.  We’re goin’ 100mph…but we love it!