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Triathlon, Carnival, First Rotation Review

As we enter the third week of camp, we begin to wind down the “First Rotation” of the summer. This rotation – or scheduling cycle – started on Day 1 and finishes this coming Friday. For the last three weeks, each camper participated in a maximum of 10 programs, thereby allowing focus, structure and skill progression in each of these 10 areas. Instead of participating two or three times, Laurel campers participate every other day in the same activity on a rotating basis, allowing for a much greater mastery of skills.

In addition to a full week of program, five Laurel alumni in their 30s visited this weekend from New York and spent an hour with Jem and Debbie and the Super Seniors talking about their camp experiences. It was a great night as these five terrific former campers (now all highly successful in their own fields) shared their memories of camp. It was a great night!

We had our annual Triathlon yesterday with more than 95 campers participating in this great event. Tonight is our Carnival, a true highlight of the summer with games, bouncy rides, fun-houses, fried dough and more. Our Senior Bec and Bago campers depart tomorrow for their overnight rafting trip on the Kennebec river. And, after Sports night on Thursday, the Laurel Dance Show hits the stage under the lights of the Fieldhouse.

On Saturday – we begin the Second Rotation of the summer. And we’re psyched!!