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Trips Galore and Program More

IMG_2795We all enjoyed a great Visiting Day just gone by and by Saturday after pizza dinner, we were quickly back into our regular routine. Cabin parties ended, extra food and candy was donated to a local food bank…and we were full steam ahead with program.  It’s amazing to watch thousands of people clear out of camp at the end of Visiting Day and then, with a snap of a finger, we’re back into “camp mode.”  Sunday was a great day in camp and yesterday, our Bec and Bago campers departed on their Extended Trips for Boston, Montreal, Ogunquit and Sunday River.

Baxter and Sequoia campers will be out for the day at Funtown Splashtown USA and our youngest campers have the place to themselves. They love to rule the roost.  How cool.

There is a huge Calendar of events that sits on the wall in the main office at camp and the amazing array of activity still in store is incredible.  As they say, the best is yet to come:  Junior Bec and Bago Dinner Party…CMGL Tournaments…Intercamps…More Overnight Camping and Day Trips…Magic Show…Suessical…and so much more.  We can’t wait.