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Visiting Day

We’re very excited to see you on Visiting Day! Your children can’t wait to see you and look forward to introducing you to their friends and counselors and demonstrating some of the skills they’ve acquired during the first month of camp. Here are a few reminders that will help you have a great visit.


  • Camp opens to visitors at 9:30AM tomorrow morning. We encourage you to arrive by 9:00AM so that you can park, pick up the schedule of the day, enjoy a cup of coffee, and get directions to meet your child(ren).


  • While you are welcome to bring a modest amount of food, please ensure that you absolutely avoid products with nuts. Also, keep in mind that, on Sunday, all goodies left from Visiting Day will be donated to a local food bank, so don’t overdo it.


  • The forecast is for a hot Maine day with chance of thunderstorms, so please take it easy, dress accordingly, and drink plenty of fluids, which will be available at multiple locations around Camp.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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