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Week 5 Heating Up…

With Visiting Day over, the pace picks up again as we enter week #5. This is Extended Trip week, when all our older campers depart on time-tested and traditional trips to Boston (Junior Bec and Bago) , Montreal (Senior Bec and Bago) and the Maine and New Hampshire Adventure (Super Seniors). These trips are a great break for our older campers who, after four weeks of camp routine, are ready for a few days in the outside world.


While these trips are on the road, our campers in the four younger campuses take advantage of having camp to themselves and love it. From extra sports clinics to special evening programs and trips…even Wing Nites in the Lodge, they love being “kings and queens of the camp.” Our Intercamp calendar is in full swing this week and rehearsals are going on for Lion King! Camping trips are departing every day throughout Maine and New Hampshire…and it’s great to see the skills and relationships that have been developed over the last few weeks grow even stronger.