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What a Week!

Our first week together was incredible. Campers and counselors are settled into their cabins and it feels like we never left. We’re in the midst of our first program cycle – or First Rotation – and after a full week of in-camp activities, leagues, programs and special events, we look forward to the weekend ahead.

Today we break up the routine and daily schedule and have our first S-Day of the summer – the Quest. Quest is a favorite and storied all-camp event, led by our Super Seniors. The camp’s intentionally broken up into 16 small teams, across all age groups, and campers spend the day in fun and friendly competition. It’s a great, spirited day and a chance for our Super Seniors to show their leadership skills to the whole camp for the first time this summer. Even though the Quest is friendly fun – everyone wants to win the grand prize: a full service Chinese Food Buffet Dinner at Alliquippa (Jem and Debbie’s cabin). We can’t wait!

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