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What could be bad about camp?

What could bad?  At camp, we get up with our friends ….throw on some shorts and a t-shirt….go to breakfast where we have choices of what we want to eat, clean up our cabins for a  few minutes, get together with out friends and counselors at morning Cove and head to program.  We swim, ski, play ball, have a theatre rehearsal, waterski, ride a horse and have a mid-morning fruit break.  We may than have a tennis lesson, lacrosse team practice or learn how to stand-up paddle-board. After another activity, say climbing, fitness or crafts, we have some lunch outside with our friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, camp brother or sisters, and enjoy our meal overlooking a lake that’s 9 miles around.  We take a 50 minute rest hour because we’re tired from all this activity, and then head out to more afternoon program.  We may take a zip line ride over camp, play some hockey, take out a catamaran, play in a soccer intercamp or
create a masterpiece in ceramics.

Its almost time for dinner.  We have a choice or of a 14 item salad bar, pasta bar, main course and its all kid food, but pretty healthy and really good.   Evenings activities are always awesome.  Leagues, campfires, shows, Sports Night, egg drop, sunset cruises, talent nights and more.  Then its probably one of the best times of the day, hanging out with your fiends and counselors again as you review what happened during the day, grab a snack and head to cabins for come chill time before lights out.

We love camp.  We love our friends.  We love the activities.  And it’s a great place to be.  What’s bad about camp?  Absolutely nothing.