In With a Bang….

Week #2 started with a bang – the biggest Fireworks display in all of south central Maine over Echo Lake. Along with Camps Vega and Winnebago, we lit up the night sky with a spectacular display of pageantry and fun! It was an incredible night of fireworks, 3-D glasses and bomb pop ice cream on the shores of Echo Lake.

And with the bang of fireworks came Intercamps and trips, which are in full swing this week. In the athletics world our boys are competing with Manitou, Androscoggin, Caribou, All Star and Winnebago…while our girls are competing with Vega, Matoaka and All Star in the Central Maine Girls Camp League. Meanwhile in adventure we’ve hiked at Bradbury State Park and Three Rocks and in ChefCamp, Chef Isabelle and our campers are creating masterpieces and incredible delicacies every day. We also had our first camper Talent Show last night (to rave reviews from the packed house and crowd) and tomorrow is our first Out of Camp S-Day with trips to Fun Town, Aquaboggin, Boothbay, Old Port and Splashtown. To round off the week we’ll have Sports Night Thursday Night under-the-lights and our all camp Council Fire Friday Night.

We are running full steam ahead – and life is great in 04355!Trevor Currie-58

Hard To Believe

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow we’ll have been at camp for a week already. The time has flown. In that short period, we’ve played, swam, skied, spun, climbed, hiked, sailed and fished. We’ve fully reacquainted with old friends and made new ones. We’ve bonded with Counselors, Campus Leaders and Department Heads. But mostly, we’ve become comfortable in our own space and have settled in for the great ride of camp.
detailWe haven’t had an ounce of rain during the day — it’s been sunny and beautiful for all daytime activities and cooled down a bit at night. It’s now already time to take a minute to slow down. We’ve been hydrating all day and at all meals…fresh fruit at morning Fruit Break…Powerade at Rest Hour…water or milk at Nite Bite — and staying ahead so we can keep our energy up.

In addition to the great daily programming, our special events team has started to sprinkle in the “fun” part of camp as well. Quest, S Days, Talent Shows, Campfires, Sports Nite and so much more.  We’re ready for Week #2!!