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Arrival Day!!

ArrivalDayOur campers arrived today from all over the country by plane, motorcoach and car. It was a spectacular Arrival and Opening Day 2015 at Camp Laurel! Friendships were reformed and new friendships were made. Counselors finally got to meet the campers they’ve been hearing about for the last 8 days! It was perfect weather and a perfect way to start our summer together. After tours, games, lots of ping pong and health checks, we had Lewis’ famous homemade Pizza and an outstanding Opening Campfire! We’re so happy our summer family is together once again on the shores of Echo Lake! Jem and Debbie will visit every campus tonight and all Acadia and Apache cabins for tuck-ins…..then it’s off to the races!! Welcome Back!!

P.S. Don’t forget to checkout Laurel Today for a full recap of Arrival Day pictures!!

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